Cerwin D. Haynes
Cerwin D. Haynes
  • Title:
    Office Assistant/Sports Information
  • Phone:
    (323) 780-6848
  • Email:
  • Hometown:
    Bronx, NY; Yonkers, NY


Cerwin Haynes joined the ELAC Athletic Department in March 2019. He is the first ever staffer hired in the history of the department to be in charge of sports information. Duties include athletic contest and event stats reporting, webmaster and editor for the ELAC Athletics website (www.elacathletics.com), managing ELAC Athletics social media (Twitter and Facebook), and disseminating team and department news and events to the ELAC community, fellow CCCAA schools and general public. Cerwin also handles logistics for team travel needs and works with Arbiter to ensure assignment of game/event referee and officials. Serves as main organizer and liason for football and basketball gameday management. 

Along with his BS in Communications Studies and MS in Media Management, Cerwin has worked at various media outlets including tv news, productions studios, online and broadcast radio. In 2020, he joined the online broadcast of ELAC Men's Basketball as a color commentator, and is set to begin providing color commentary for future ELAC football broadcasts once athletic activity resumes.

Curently working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please use email for any media-based inquiries.