Where Have They Gone

Name Year University / College Pro Team
Andres Martinez full bio Andres Martinez 2016-2017 Midland University  
Alexis Cubias full bio Alexis Cubias 2015-2016 California State University, Los Angeles  
Jose Gudino full bio Jose Gudino 2015-2016 University of California, Santa Barbara  
Lucas Mota Araujo Da Silviera full bio Lucas Mota Araujo Da Silviera 2015-2016 McPherson College  
Brian Paredes full bio Brian Paredes 2015-2016 California State University, Northridge  
Matias Amato full bio Matias Amato 2014-2015 Spain  
Gun-Uk Ghang full bio Gun-Uk Ghang 2014-2015 Marymount University  
Christian Gomez full bio Christian Gomez 2014-2015 University of California, Santa Cruz  
Alfredo Leon full bio Alfredo Leon 2014-2015 Marymount University  
Marco Marquez full bio Marco Marquez 2014-2015 Holy Names University  
Christian Vasquez full bio Christian Vasquez 2014-2015 William and Penn University  
Horacio Zapiola full bio Horacio Zapiola 2014-2015 Spain  
Juan Escobar full bio Juan Escobar 2012-2013 Indian Westland University  
David Farias full bio David Farias 2012-2013 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Adolfo Larios full bio Adolfo Larios 2012-2013 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Giovani Reyes full bio Giovani Reyes 2012-2013 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Christian Ventura full bio Christian Ventura 2012-2013 South Vermont College  
Javier Cervantes full bio Javier Cervantes 2010-2011 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Kevin Gomez full bio Kevin Gomez 2010-2011 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Galo Moreno full bio Galo Moreno 2010-2011 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Geovanni Rodriguez full bio Geovanni Rodriguez 2010-2011 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Melvin Rubio full bio Melvin Rubio 2010-2011 California State University, Los Angeles  
Edgar Toco-Ayala full bio Edgar Toco-Ayala 2010-2011 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Edwardo Barba full bio Edwardo Barba 2009-2010 Kansas Wesleyan University  
David Garcia full bio David Garcia 2009-2010 University of Hawaii, Hilo  
Jaaziel Garcia full bio Jaaziel Garcia 2009-2010 University of Hawaii, Hilo  
Diego Martinez full bio Diego Martinez 2009-2010 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Carlos Morales full bio Carlos Morales 2009-2010 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Shogo Okuma full bio Shogo Okuma 2007-2008 California State University, Dominguez Hills  
Ramiro Casillas full bio Ramiro Casillas 2006-2007 California State University, Los Angeles  
Jose Galvez full bio Jose Galvez 2006-2007 California State University, Dominguez Hills  
Francisco Munoz full bio Francisco Munoz 2006-2007 University of California, San Diego  
Ricardo Raygoza full bio Ricardo Raygoza 2006-2007 Kansas Wesleyan University  
Jorge Ruiz full bio Jorge Ruiz 2006-2007 California State University, Northridge  
Louie Rodriguez full bio Louie Rodriguez 2004-2005 Mayville State University, ND  

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