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Ask A Husky: Track & Field

Ask A Husky: Track & Field

by Cerwin D Haynes

(photos courtesy of Daniel Morales/Track and Field team)


The second student-athlete to be featured in our new "Ask A Husky" series is Men's Track & Field athlete Daniel Morales. A sophomore track runner, Morales took some time to talk with us about why he enjoys the sport, how he came to ELAC, and what he's doing right now (the team would have been preparing for the SoCal Finals previously scheduled for this Saturday in Bakersfield).



CDH: Hi Daniel. Thanks for taking time to talk to us! Tell us a bit about yourself please.

DM: I'm from Los Angeles, and I attended Francisco Bravo Medical Magnet High School from 2014-2018. I competed in track and field as well as cross country from 2015 until now at East Los Angeles College - my current sophomore year. Finishing high school, I knew that I wanted to compete at the collegiate level, so I contacted the head coach at the time, Coach Ramirez and started cross country Fall 2018.


CDH: Before the shutdown occurred with all sports, Track had completed its first month of action. Talk about some of the goals you and your teammates had for yourselves before the stoppage occurred.

DM: This Spring 2019, our Track and Field program grew in number to more than a dozen committed quality athletes which was a huge step-up from the smaller 2018 roster. It was also Coach Browne's second year as head coach, so the workout and season plan were refined with the goal of getting everyone into State for their respective events. My season goal was to sub four in the 1500 at the State Championships meet.


CDH: What do you enjoy most about your sport? What do you miss most about not being able to compete right now?

DM: What I enjoy most about track and field is seeing yourself improve. Unlike other sports, you don't really see your results until race day so finally seeing what you can do is very rewarding. What I miss most about not being able to compete right now is not being able to work out with and support my teammates.



CDH: We've seen pics and vids via social media of some student-athletes maintaining workout regimens during social distancing. How have you and your teammates managed yourselves physically?

DM: Personally, I have begun to do more strength training and lowered cardio in order to stay healthy and injury free. Many of the teammates I have spoken to have said that they are also focusing on strength and are awaiting pre-season training for cross country.



CDH: How are you staying positive and resilient during this uncertain time?

DM: What's keeping me positive and resilient during this uncertain time is looking at the good that can be done during this time. People have referred to the pandemic as "The Great Pause", I see it as an opportunity for us to think about what really matters in our country and to do away with what isn't working for us. One million total cases and counting in the United States is a clear indication that the Health Care system needs reform which, is a problem among others that we as citizens can urge our political representatives to work towards.