Huskies badminton records first shut out

Huskies badminton records first shut out

MONTEREY PARK, CA — The East Los Angeles College Huskies badminton team won 21-0 against El Camino-Compton Center in a South Coast Conference match at home.

ELAC freshman and  No. 1 singles player Jean Mornelle Buenaflor (South El Monte HS) won two singles matches and improved to 13-5 overall. No. 2 freshman Serena Lieu (Sierra Vista HS) improved to 11-3 on the season with her two singles wins.

ELAC’s No. 6 singles player freshman Chris “Pei Jie” Li (Chao Yang Foreign Language School, China) rallied to win a three-set match. Compton’s No. 5 freshman Yixi Gonzalez won the first set 21-19. Chris Li followed with 21-10, 21-4 set wins to win the match for ELAC.

ELAC’s No. 3 singles player, Han Le (Vietnam Asian HS), improved to 6-2 with her two singles wins. ELAC’s No. 4 player Katherine Un Vong (Mark Keppel HS) won both of her singles matches as well. She has a 4-8 season record.

No. 5 Stephanie “Jia Min” Li’s (Mark Keppel HS) two singles wins gives her an 8-4 season record.

The ELAC doubles team of Buenaflor and Vanessa “Yong Xian” Liang (Taishan No. 1 HS, China) improved to 13-1 for the season with their two doubles wins.

ELAC’s top six singles players and top doubles teams will compete in the SCC Individual Championships next week in Manhattan Beach (TBA). State playoff berths are at stake in both singles and doubles action.


Singles Results

No. 1 Buenaflor def. No. 2 Amanda Palacio 21-1, 21-9 & No. 1 Liliana Castellanos 21-11, 21-1.

No. 2 Lieu def. No. 1 Castellanos 21-7, 21-7; def. No. 2 Palacio 21-11, 21-15.

No. 3 Han Le def. No. 4 Xochi Briseno 21-13-21-7; def. No. 3 Olga Pardo 21-7, 21-7.

No. 4 Katherine Vong def. No. 3 Pardo 22-20, 21-10; def. No. 4 Briseno 21-13, 21-12.

No. 5 Stephanie Li def. No. 6 Daisy Valenzuela 21-5, 21-8; def. No. 5 Yixi Gonzalez 21-2, 21-6.

No. 6 Chris Li def. No. 5 Gonzalez 19-21, 21-10, 21-4; def. No. 6 Valenzuela 21-6, 21-12.


Doubles Results

No. 1 Buenaflor/Vanessa Liang def. No. 2 Gonzalez/Pardo 21-11, 21-1; def. No. 1 Castellanos/ Valenzuela 21-11, 21-8.

No. 2 Lieu/Vong def. Castellanos/Valenzuela 21-9, 21-12; def. Gonzalez/Pardo 21-12, 21-9.

No. 3 Han Le / Stephanie Li def. No. 3 Briseno/Palacio 21-13, 21-9.


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