2017-2018 Huskies Women's Soccer Roster

No. Name Position Year Height Hometown/High School
00 Adriana Huerta full bio Adriana Huerta   Freshman   South Gate / South East
1 Julia Rivera full bio Julia Rivera   Freshman   Los Angeles / Schurr
2 Karina Cantera full bio Karina Cantera   Freshman   Monterey Park / San Ysidro (San Diego)
4 Marilyn Castanon full bio Marilyn Castanon   Sophomore   Compton / Dominguez
5 Teresa Ortega full bio Teresa Ortega   Freshman   Los Angeles / Jordan
7 Ema Lorenzo full bio Ema Lorenzo   Freshman   Los Angeles / Fremont
8 Aurora Fernandez full bio Aurora Fernandez   Freshman   Los Angeles / Roosevelt
9 Jennifer Toledo full bio Jennifer Toledo   Sophomore   South Gate / Bravo Medical Magnet
11 Vanessa Marin full bio Vanessa Marin   Sophomore   Los Angeles / Downey (Modesto)
12 Brenda Lizaola full bio Brenda Lizaola   Sophomore   Los Angeles / South East
13 Christine Gomez full bio Christine Gomez   Freshman   Los Angeles / Alhambra
14 Vanessa Torres full bio Vanessa Torres   Freshman   Commerce / Bell Gardens
15 Nadia Cruz full bio Nadia Cruz   Freshman   Alhambra / The American School Foundation (Mexico)
16 Janiv Lopez full bio Janiv Lopez   Sophomore   Huntington Park / Aspire Pacific Academy
17 Emilia Sandoval full bio Emilia Sandoval   Freshman   Bell Gardens / Bell Gardens
18 Alyssa Camacho full bio Alyssa Camacho   Freshman   Whittier / La Serna
19 Ashley Lopez full bio Ashley Lopez   Freshman   Los Angeles / Schurr
20 Breanna Sandoval full bio Breanna Sandoval   Freshman   Norwalk / Norwalk
21 Jenny Trejo full bio Jenny Trejo   Sophomore   Los Angeles / Hollywood
22 Emily Campos full bio Emily Campos   Freshman   Maywood / Bell
23 Stephanie Galvan full bio Stephanie Galvan   Sophomore   Pico Rivera / El Rancho
24 Jazmine Saldana full bio Jazmine Saldana   Sophomore   Lynwood / Firebaugh
25 Neidelynn Bustos full bio Neidelynn Bustos   Freshman   South Gate / South Gate
27 Stella Becerra full bio Stella Becerra   Sophomore   Alhambra / Gabrielino

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