Where Have They Gone

Name Year University / College Pro Team
Alexandra Reyes full bio Alexandra Reyes 2015-2016 San Diego State University  
Yingfei Zhang full bio Yingfei Zhang 2015-2016 California State University, East Bay  
Dasiy Gomez full bio Dasiy Gomez 2013-2014 California State University, Northridge  
Veronica Pelayo full bio Veronica Pelayo 2013-2014 University of California, Santa Barbara  
Irene Young full bio Irene Young 2013-2014 Chapman College, CA  
Krysten Aguilar full bio Krysten Aguilar 2012-2013 San Francisco State University  
Chistina Burrola full bio Chistina Burrola 2012-2013 California State University, Los Angeles  
Susana Casillas full bio Susana Casillas 2012-2013 University of Southern California  
Alexandra Gonzalez full bio Alexandra Gonzalez 2012-2013 Carrington College  
Ashley Jauregui full bio Ashley Jauregui 2012-2013 California State University, Long Beach  
Joanna Kim full bio Joanna Kim 2012-2013 Marymount University  
Martha Rivas full bio Martha Rivas 2012-2013 California State University, Northdige  
Beisi Li full bio Beisi Li 2011-2012 University of California, Santa Barbara  
Edith Rivas full bio Edith Rivas 2011-2012 California State University, Fullerton  

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