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photo by DeeDee Jackson
photo by DeeDee Jackson

Huskies dig deep and pull away with a victory over the Roadrunners

MONTEREY PARK, CA — The Huskies started with a two set lead and found themselves playing a fifth set after dropping sets three and four to College of the Desert. The Huskies defeated the Roadrunners (3-2: 25—22, 25-22, 24-26, 18-25, 16-14).

“The come from behind win was sweet!,” said Coach Walker. “The win shows how hard we have been working these past few days to turn things around. It also gives hope to the ladies, helping them to trust in each other.”

The Huskies got out to an early 2-0 set lead resulting in what was a balanced match the entire evening. In the third set, the Huskies hit (.171) to the Roadrunners (.075). The Roadrunners took an early 11-5 lead due to early reception and attack errors. Despite the deficit, the Huskies remained focused and worked their side-out attack strategy that yielded six points, resulting in an 11 tie. After a time-out the Huskies took a two point lead. The Huskies would then go a four point run lead by Breana Trujillo, Sophomore (.333). The Roadrunners shifted their defense, digging four powerful attacks and converting them into two hits by Angelica Sayo (0.061).

Not rattled by the surge in points, the Huskies put up a big block stopping the attack from Roadrunner hitters. Falling short in the third set, the Huskies fought on with a valiant fight in set four. Sophomore Alexis Salazar (.200) lit the floor up with three kills putting the Huskies up 13-7. Missed serves narrowed the Huskies drive and turned things around for the Roadrunners. Later, the Huskies found themselves disrupted by a controversial incorrect substitution call by the R2. The disruption stifled the offense and led to some misfiring of attacks and serves.

After dropping the fourth set, the Huskies came out fired up and took an early 8-5 lead. Setter Vanessa Peralta (31 Assists, 8 digs) set things in full swing and ran an outstanding offense. Scrambling to keep the ball in play and to maintain the lead, the Huskies pulled away 10-6. Although the Huskies felt in control, they found themselves in a late game change lead. 12-13. After a brief time-out and a new offense, the Huskies tied the match and pushed within in 14-13. Sitting on game point, the Huskies lost a rally after a net violation by middle blocker Jacqueline Torres (5 blocks). Scrambling across the floor and with precision front and back-court defense the Huskies rose to the occasion. Sophomore hitter Ashley Winet (pictured above) found a surge of energy and cranked the ball cross court defeating the Roadrunner’s setter to give the Huskies a one point lead. Yaketerina Makarova (5 blocks, 8 kills) was also an added force on the front line.

With game point and the match on the line, Breana Trujillo ripped a tough serve into the deep court forcing pass disruption. Libero, Kylie Edgar (35 digs) shanked the ball near the stands. The ball was retrieved by the outside hitter who gave free ball that landed on the platform of DS, Destanee Cortes (5 digs) who set up Breanna for a quick transition attack. The Roadrunners in deep defense, found themselves sprawling about the floor trying to pick up an off-speed shot by Breanna that scored the 16th point for the match win.

The Huskies look forward to keeping the ball rolling in an away match on Wednesday, September 23rd, when they face Saddleback College at 5PM.

story submitted by Coach Walker