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Meet the Newest Huskies!

Meet the Newest Huskies!

by Stephen Morales (@grecomeco23)

 [updated on 7/16/20]


In his six seasons as ELAC Women's Volleyball Head Coach, Elliott "Doc" Walker has overseen a rebirth of the program. The team has had three double-digit win seasons in the past five years and has seen vast improvement in all aspects of the game. That is a credit to Coach Walker and his staff's ability to recruit high level volleyball players, and coach them to not only play well as a team, but to prepare them for the next level and a shot at a Division 1 offer.


Despite, the all sports shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Coach Walker and his assistants Lisa Flerro, and Irene Chou have been hard at work recruiting and bringing in the next group of Huskies, looking to take the volleyball program to the next level.


Coach Walker is extremely excited about this incoming class, the largest class in three years. "Members of this class possess various accolades and express diverse talent," says Dr. Walker. "Among these student-athletes are league champions, all league players, finalists. Each has in one way or another made dynamic contributions to their respective teams. My staff and I are looking forward to molding that talent into our vision while supporting their personal and team goals."


With that said, let's introduce the 2020 Volleyball Class to East Los Angeles College:



  • Ashley Ayala, 5'9 Opposite Hitter/Outside Hitter from Lynwood High School

Ashley Ayala played for Lynwood High School, in Lynwood, CA. During her time at Lynwood, she earned first team conference player during her senior year. 

Coach Walker says: "Ashley will bring to Husky Volleyball, energy, skill, and a strong academic presence."


  • Valarie Dominguez, 5'10 Middle Hitter/Opposite Hitter from Bassett High School

Valerie Dominguez will make positive contributions as a Middle Hitter. She is no stranger to hard work and competition, helping to lead Bassett to three league championships.

Coach Walker says: "Valerie is strong and resilient."


  • Jenna Gill, 5'6 Libero/Defensive Specialist from West Covina High School

Jenna Gill is a 2020 graduate of West Covina High School. She looks forward to contributing to Husky Volleyball as a defensive specialist. Even more so, she looks forward to growing within the game.

Coach Walker says: "Jenna, quiet, humble but aggressive on the court." 


  • Jazlynn Gomez, 5'7 Outside Hitter from California High School

Jazlyn an outside ringer, leading her team as the starting outside hitter (OH). She earned 1st Team All-League player. Jazlyn looks forward to learning to up her game while helping her teammates elevate theirs.  Fun fact: Jazlynn's sister, Arianna Gomez, was an OH for this past season's Husky team and is part of ELAC's recently commenced Class of 2020.

Coach Walker says: "Jazlyn has sound fundamental skills and is ready to work and lead the team." 


  • Ashley Hernandez, 5'9 Setter/Defensive Specialist from South Gate High School

Joining Husky Volleyball after graduating from South Gate High School, Ashley Hernandez is a "let's get the job done" type of player. Not a stranger to success, Hernandez has demonstrated high caliber performance both on the court and in class: she's earned accolades at the All-City Division-1 level as First Team Setter, Team MVP, Scholar Athlete and the All Academic Player of the Year while at South Gate.


  • Saira Herrera, 5'9 Middle Hitter/Outside Hitter from JC Fremont High School

Enthused and eager, Saira Herrera comes to ELAC after finishing a strong season at JC Freemont High School. Herrera led her team in blocks and kills, and is a leader both on and off the court. Her enthusiasm and leadership will add to the overall life of 2020 Husky Volleyball.


  • Catherine Lozano, 5'7 Outside Hitter/Defensive Specialist from Linda Marquez High School

"I love this game! Let's do this!"
This is the phrase often echoed from Catherine's lips. Her words are sincere, and her actions will prove the same. As a leader on the Linda Marquez team, Catherine was also recognized as an All-League Conference athlete. Powerful not only on the court but in the classroom as well, she will be a strong leader as exhibited in her personal drive.


  • Vanessa Morales, 5'1 Defensive Specialist/Libero from Lincoln High School

At 5'1, the Lincoln High School product does not let her size deter her from success. Vanessa Morales is sharp, quick and smart on the court: she led Lincoln in defensive skills and is recognized as one of the top defenders in the City Section. ELAC looks forward to her swiftness and talent continuing to exude on the court.


  • Logomua Quiroga, 5'8 Middle Hitter/Opposite Hitter from Montebello High School

Growth and development are among the strengths that Logomua Quiroga - aka "Logo" - brings to the Huskies. She asserts that she is passionate about the game, loves the game, and looks forward to learning more while being a strong contributor to a winning season. Logo a graduate of Montebello High School and was instrumental in leading the Oilers to a top three league finish. She expects to grow in the game and expand her knowledge under Coach Walker's tutelage.


  • Bianca Ramirez, 5'4 Defensive Specialist/Libero from Montebello High School

Bianca Ramirez is known to be quiet and shy, but on the court she is tenacious. Ramirez uses skill and wit to elevate her level of play and looks forward to helping her team accomplish its goals.


  • Alexa Ruiz, 5'7 Outside Hitter/Defensive Specialist from Baldwin Park High School

Alexa Ruiz joins Husky Volleyball after a productive high school career. As a former varsity captain, she was winner of the Brave of the Year Award and recipient of the All Valle Vista League Team Award. Ruiz is a dominant force on the court, and its believed she will be a force to be reckoned with in her dual role.


  • Nayeli Suales, 5'7 Serving Specialist from Lynwood High School

Nayeli Suales comes to ELAC as a serving specialist. She is strong and accurate and, above all, determined to be the best. That attitude alone will help Suales achieve in both her personal and team goals.


  • Tania Torres, 5'9 Setter/Opposite Hitter from University High School

Someone nicknamed Tania Torres "Dainty" - but that she is not. While Torres may have a well-mannered personality, on the court she is ferocious. The University product is a focused young lady that strives for excellence, and Doc Walker's staff believe her personality and athleticism will prove profitable to the program. Torres looks forward to taking the lead and guiding her team to a strong conference finish.


  • Destanie Aydt, 5'9 Outside Hitter/Setter from Florida.

Destanie Aydt joins Husky Volleyball after a year playing beach volleyball at Louisiana State University at Monroe. Aydt is known to be a firecracker in general: she is determined, ambitious and a go getter. Her spirit and leadership are among her fine qualities, and as an teammate she will help raise the bar and most definitely the expectations for the 2020 Huskies.



  • Alexis Aguayo, a 5'2 Libero from Downey High School

    Alexis Aguayo joins Huskies Volleyball after graduating from Downey High School. She was a contributing player as a defensive specialist during her 4 years of athletic competition. She will bring sharp eyes and a strong ability to read the game to the ELAC side of the court; like an eagle, she's prepared to swoop in and defend the floor. Her years as a club player will also prove of value as the Huskies come together and prepare for the 2021 season. 

    Coach Walker says: "Alexis has a bright personality and is eager to step on the floor and lead the team with precision passing and defense." 

  • Pearl Martinez, 5'5 Defensive Specialist from Cals Early College

A fashion and design student, Pearl Martinez looks forward to constructive play on the court. Passionate about learning and success, Martinez was a leader on her club team and looks forward to doing the same for Husky Volleyball.


These incoming recruits will join returning players Nikky Sotelo, Katherine Chiquini, Analyssa Ramirez, Zasha Hayes, Nadya Morales, and Melanie EstradaAs soon as the green light is given for sports to resume, Coach Walker and his staff are ready to go and get back on the court and seeing these new recruits along with his returners.

"In general, each young lady is enthusiastic, committed to excellence, and is determined to help elevate Husky Volleyball," says a spirited Walker. "In turn, my staff and I are committed to building a strong social culture and a highly competitive environment built on a family tradition of values."


ELAC welcomes its new Huskies' family members. Here's to great success academically and athletically in the upcoming season... along with a lot of aces!