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The AD/Coaches' Corner: Last Chance U Edition

by Cerwin D Haynes

After watching the entirety of Last Chance U: Basketball, the ELAC Men's Basketball coaching staff - along with ELAC Athletic Director Bobby Godinez - get together to reflect on the series and its portrayal of the Huskies' record-setting 2019-2020 season.


SPOILER ALERT: This video discusses scenes and details from the new Last Chance U series on Netflix. Time marks listed below video.

  • 1:00 Initial thoughts of LCU's portrayal of the team in a storytelling format.
  • 4:38 Coaches' thought on how well LCU illustrated the organic nature of the team and program.
  • 16:44 Insight into LCU's choice of players to focus on.
  • 18:00 Secrets of holding productive practices.
  • 23:01 Revisiting the Silent Treatment scene; Mosley's genius?
  • 26:35 Coaching staff key moment from the series...
    • 27:00 Coach Hunter
    • 32:44 Coach Robinson
    • 37:24 Coach Mosley
  • 40:05 Mosley & Co share hilarious moments.
  • 42:20 Moments beyond basketball.
  • 45:12 When player support goes too far.
  • 47:19 AD Bobby's key moments.
    • Recapping "the mission".