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Bobby Godinez being interviewed
Bobby Godinez being interviewed

New Episode of "The AD Corner"

After taking a well-deserved breather at the end of the spring, the Huskies are warming up for a new fall season action. As programs now have a full year of experience navigating with Covid, ELAC's fall teams were once again able to enjoy full offseasons to prep to take the fields, courts and pool. Thus, the timing is ripe to check in with East LA's Athletic Director Bobby Godinez as he gives us his views on the past year as well as what lies ahead.

Joining Cerwin and Bobby on the Zoom call is ELAC Sports Event Tech Stephen Morales as well as the voice of ELAC Athletics, play-by-play man Dan Gudino. The AD Corner can be viewed in three parts, starting below:


Part 1


Part 2


Part 3