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Pre-Season Match #1 vs Cal Lutheran JV

Pre-Season Match #1 vs Cal Lutheran JV

Husky Volleyball Had it's Mind Set, Worked Hard, and Played With a Fight

The ride to Thousand Oaks was not the only thing on the players mind. The team had a game plan in mind and executed their skills well according to Coach Walker. Although the Husky's were defeated in3 sets 20-25, 22-25, and 19-25 they were firing shots and playing defense as designed. 

Sophomore team captain Eriazmin Mauries (MH) 7 kills, 4 digs, and 3 blocks had a strong presence in tonight's match. Freshman and middle hitter Mia Madot also posted 7 kills, 2 blocks, 1 service ace, and 2 blocks which helped the Husky offense.

The ladies looked confident on the court, played a solid defense, and made adjustments that had the Regals on their heels. In the end, the Regals were able to come away with a win in the first set after a few missed ball calls, and shanked passes from several freshmen players.

Rallying back from being 3 points down 17-20, the Huskies showed poise and stuck to the game plan and transition attack. Similarly, in sets 2 and 3, the Huskies played smart and strong defense, defending their side of the court and executing strong and smart transition attacks.

In the end, the Regals prevailed in both sets by running the half slide attack with the right side hitter averaging 4.2 kills. Not bothered by the players attack, the Huskies continued to execute their defensive skills and pulled off several game blocks, digs, and attacks which kept the hope alive. Proud of their performance, the Huskies walk off the floor positive and confident in what they were able to do.

Coach Walker stated, "We'll watch the video, analyze our game, and work on the strengthening the things we did well and make a few adjustments to help strengthen the serve receive game".

The Huskies will be on the road this weekend traveling to Imperial Valley where they will play a series of matches and looking forward to improving their pre-season performance.