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Huskies Wrap Up Pre-Season Play With a Big 3-2 Win

Huskies Wrap Up Pre-Season Play With a Big 3-2 Win

MONTEREY PARK, CA – Trained to compete and focused on the goal, the Huskies put on a stellar performance before a home crowd of 110 fans, to come from being down 2 games to none to defeat the Royals of California Lutheran College 3-2: 24-26, 24-26, 25-21, 25-23, and 15-10.

The play between the two teams kept the crowd roaring and on its feet for the evening. Tough and accurate serving was supported by good setting, and either strong or smart placement attacks. That was the tone for the evening. The impressive attack game was coupled with excellent blocking and or backcourt defense. The Huskies posted a pre-season high for the evening nailing 60 of its 170 attacks, dug 94 of 112 balls, scored 11 aces, and 10 stuffed blocks that aided in the Huskies win over the competitive Royals.

Middle hitter Eriazmin Mauries (9) entered double digits in two critical categories for the evening, attacks and digs. She earned a pre-season high of 23 kills and 14 digs along with 1 service ace for the evening. Eriazmin showed true sophomore leadership and was instrumental on both offense and defense. Right-side hitter Vannessa Gutierrez (17) set up the early decoy forcing the middle hitter to hold position while the setter Angelea Carrasco (10) dished a ball out to Eriazmin who nailed the ball onto the floor on the opponent’s side. The Huskies ran several stunted offenses and defenses which took the Royals out of rhythm and allowed the Huskies to stay in the match. Despite the Huskies relentless efforts, the Royals played just as smart and relentless throughout the match. In sets 1 and 2, the Huskies sat on game point and maintained a 2-3 point lead to fight off the antics of the Royals. The Huskies fell short with a few unforced errors.

That did not stop the Huskies from being determined to work on its team goal, and ultimately the WIN! The Huskies were down two sets to none but did not fret as they entered the third set and jumped out to a 8-1 lead. After a brief time out, the Huskies found themselves rallying back and forth looking for opportunities to break down the Royals defense and to stop their outside hitter, Melissa Samaniego (10) who posted 10 kills for the evening. Outside hitter Breanna Trujillo (1) did not let the Royals game stand in her way as she put away 14 kills, had 26 digs, and 1 block for the evening earning a pre-season high. Her performance helped to instill a calm and confidence among her teammates.

Breanna’s leadership was supported by the works of Mia Madott (11) who earned a preseason high of 18 kills, 25digs, 5 service aces, and 3 stuffed blocks for the evening. Although Mia was key force on the hitting side, she wasbest seen playing defense throughout the evening. 

Mia played with intensity and extreme poise, reminding her teammates throughout the contest to stay focused and put to practice the game plan learned throughout the week. Mia’s performance is a true testament to “on the court leadership”.Mia fulfilling her game responsibilities in a time of fight proved to her teammates that they were going to earn the victory. Thus, the team fought through the win in the next  three sets.

The three leaders were assisted by setter Vanessa Gutierrez (18) who had 32 assists, 7 digs, and 1 service ace and Angela Carrasco (18) who earned 21 assists, 8 digs, and for the second game in a row scored the winning point with an ace serve. Angela’s fifth game ace game came after a Royals 14-10 time out. Confirming her serve assignment, Angela ripped a serve between the two receivers and tattooed “Mikasa” onto the home floor. The crowd went wild. The floor leaders also received significant help from their teammates Jessica Nunez (12) 5 kills, 10 digs, and 2  service aces, Kate Makarova (19) who put up a big wall to channel the hits into the defense, and Jacqueline Montoya (5) who also aided in setting up the backcourt defense.

Another key areas of the night were the Husky players who lead the crowd and supported their teammates from the bench. Leading the crowd in positive cheers andchants the lady Huskies had the gym rocking throughout the evening. 

As one fan said, “They were awesome!”

The Huskies complete pre-season competition with a 6-5 record. The Huskies open its conference play in a Home match on Friday, October 3, 2014 at 6PM in the “E” Arena. Come catch the Huskies in action as they take on Los Angeles Harbor College.