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Husky Volleyball Misfires and falls to Pasadena, 3-1

Husky Volleyball Misfires and falls to Pasadena, 3-1

MONTEREY PARK, CA – Pushing point by point the Huskies (7-7, 1-2) fought to stay alive only to fall two sets to none in the third conference match against Pasadena (1-10, 1-2).

“We needed to relax and put the balls in,” Coach Walker said. Coach Walker used his time outs to settle the Huskies down and to set up the offensive and defensive strategy. After the time outs the Huskies responded and executed a well run offense to fall short with several uncalculated mis-fires that led to Huskies giving away key points that resulted in a 20-25 and 19-25 loss.

After dropping the first two sets, the Huskies rallied back to win the third, 25-16 before dropping the final set allowing the Lancers a 19-25.

The Huskies leaders each had an impressive night. Freshmen hitters Breanna Trujillo and Mia Madott earned a night of doubles. Outside hitter Breanna Trujillo earned 15 kills and 16 digs while middle hitter Mia Madott put down 14 kills, had 15 digs, and 3 solo blocks. Sophomore Eriazmin Mauries contributed 9 kills, 9 digs, and 4 blocks (2 solo and 2 assist). Husky setter Vanessa Gutierrez also made positive contributions to the Huskies positive earned points. Vanessa had 14 game assists and 13 digs for the evening.The Huskies ran a fairly consistent transition attack that kept the Lancers on their toes and falling about the court in an effort to defend the aggressive attacks and smart shots. Despite the Huskies attack, Lancer players C. Hodges and L. Longobardi had positive contributions in the competitive game against the Huskies.

On the evening, the Huskies at critical times in the match mis-fired attacks (5 in set 1, 4 in set 2, and 3 in set 4) that put the game on the line for the Huskies. Coach Walker, “It’s times like this that the athletes have to recall previous game experiences, and training techniques and employ them during a contest. Often times, athletes forget about the basic principles and techniques taught and falter in the moment. Although the outcome was not in our favor, I am not worried as we will get back to the practice court and work on mastering the required skills.”

Coach Walker is confident and proud of his team and what they are accomplishing, but knows that in order to teach players to become champions, they must learn to endure and problem solve in order for things to register in their skill set and knowledge. Thus, he’s looking forward to improving as the season progresses.

The Huskies look forward to improving in next match at the “E”rena when they play host to the Falcons of Cerritos College (5-6, 2-1) at 6PM, Wednesday, October 15, 2014.